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Madison Wisconsin Real Estate Investor Coaching

Step Off The Curb

You clicked and came here.  That's a step, but statistically speaking, you'll probably read this, think it's a good idea, and do nothing.  It's been said that The Road to Broke is paved with good intentions.  So how do you actually get this done?


Action is the detour off the Road To Broke.  And that detour is a little less paved than the Road To Broke, so it's easier to stay on the road - and many do.

Many people think they're watching HGTV - they "participate" by criticizing the choices that they see being made on T.V., or they trivialize it and think that doing real estate work in rehabbing is easy and they could pick it up on the weekend.

It doesn't work like that, so our program is built on the premise of doing real work and achieving real results.  That's what we mean by "action".

Program Parameters

The Madison REIA coaching program is 18 months long, with an option to extend.  There is a one-time entry fee to secure your place in the program, a monthly fee to maintain your membership in the program, and deal splits with your coach.

You have the ability to "earn-back" 100% of the entry fee simply by doing the work and meeting minimum metrics of a successful deal.  You are learning a valuable skill that will earn you big money, and you're getting paid for learning it well.

Each successful deal is assigned a number of Joint Venture Points (JVPs), and once you reach 12 points, you no longer participate in the deal splits with your coach - your profit is 100% your profit.

Many students find the resources, the coaching, and the mentoring to be highly valuable, and want to stay in the program at the end of the term.  Students may do just that by simply continuing to pay the monthly program fee.

While you are in the program, you receive a full Madison REIA membership, plus discounts from 50% to 100% on workshops, and other events, along with free entry into the REI Blueprint Series, an ongoing training system.

Program Entry

There is an application and interview process for each prospective student.  You must have a minimum basic knowledge of real estate investing, even if you have never done a deal.  The REI Blueprint Series qualifies for this educational base.

If this is something that you're considering doing, please Contact Us to get things rolling; there is frequently a 3-5 month waiting period for available slots to open up.

Madison REIA Coaching

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